5 Steps to Mastering Street Style

5 Steps to Mastering Street Style

Street style has been a phenomenon for the past few years and it is a bit of a thing on it’s own now. There are millions of blogs about street style, the major fashion websites have special sections for it, some of the coolest fashion gurus and photographers like The Sartorialist, Garance Dore,  and Tommy Ton are covering it all the time. It is great to have access to so much inspiration, outfit ideas and personal style. I always look at street style when I try to put myself together, help a client or write for the website and am constantly impressed by the creativity and “the art of dressing” I see on the streets.  I also get many questions about how to do the street style “thing” and I have to say it is a skill, you either have it or not. There are some rules, however, that can help you to start creating and cultivating your street style.

Here are the 5 steps to mastering street style.

1. PURPOSE. You need to consider what you will be doing that day, who you are meeting and where you are going before you start constructing your outfit. Do you need to look formal? Are you going to be walking a lot? Are you meeting with friend? Are you having business meetings? Answering all that will automatically give you the frame of your outfit. This is, of course, the first step when creating any outfit, it doesn’t apply just to street style.


2. LAYERS. You already know that layering is a big part of the street style. Layering, if done properly, can make your outfit look original, edgy, and hip and it is a bit of an art on its own too. The secret is to combine and mix different  components. When creating your outfit try having at least one plain colour, a pattern and a texture. This is, of course, just a guideline, once you become more comfortable with this and more experienced you can add more or take some of this 3 elements out (you can mix 3 different patters, do a monochromatic look, do just textures no colour and so on). Layering colour, pattern and texture will give a different dimension to your outfit.


3. ACCESSORIZING. Another crucial element of the street style is the accessorizing. Being creative with your accessories is the fastest way to achieving a street style look. Don’t be afraid to wear bold, “out there” accessories that will compliment and complete your outfits. Colourful, unusual,  funny, artistic, the more the better. Sunglasses, bags and belts are the obvious choices but think about hats, gloves, fur, and chunky jewellery too. Also, try wearing your accessories in a more unusual way to add some originality to the outfit.


4. SHOES. Nothing conveys your attitude like your shoes and street style is all about the attitude. You can say a great deal with the shoes you wear or the way you wear them so pay particular attention to your footwear. Fears, preppy, rock-n-roll, sexy… any mood, idea or emotion can be accomplished only by your choice of shoes. They are powerful style weapon that should be used carefully  and thoughtfully.


5. PERSONAL TOUCH. And finally, street style is all about personality, not trends or fashion but a personal touch and creativity. It is also about manifesting your staple, your unique personal twist, your brand. A little something that only you do and people associate with you and you only. In many cases this is a very small detail or accessory you always wear, like in Anna Wintour’s case, she never changes her emblematic bob and wears her big, black shades indoors and outdoors.  Sarah Harris has this absolutely unique and amazing grey hair that has become her trademark and her best accessory and Anna Dello Russo is so over the top extravagant that seeing her jeans will really shock you.

street style personalities

So there you have it, start slow, experiment, keep in mind these 5 guidelines and have fun creating your own street style.