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This page is created out of love for fashion, style and beauty. I have worked in fashion merchandising for over 10 years but my real passion is helping women dress their best. I strongly believe that how we dress has effect on other people’s perception about us. Knowing and understanding the power of clothing gives us an incredible advantage before others and  increases our likeability and self-esteem. I also know from my personal experience that many women need help choosing what to wear and finding  their “fashion staple”.  The mission of this page is to provide you with all you need in order to create and refine your personal style. This may come naturally for some but could be a long journey for others, nevertheless it all starts with understanding our own personality and knowing our own body.

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Find your Personal Style!

Do your color analysisbody type assessment, and wardrobe personality types first.

Build Your Wardrobe!

Learn how to build a functional wardrobe and effective shopping strategies.

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What to wear to a wedding

What to wear to work

What to wear to a job interview

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What to wear to my graduation 

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