The 10 Best Fashion Collections for Fall - Dries Van Noten

The 10 Best Fashion Collections for Fall – Dries Van Noten

This is the second of the 10 Best Fall Collections series that I am going to feature for this Fall and one of my all time favourite designers. Dries Van Noten  is a Belgium designer who many describe as eccentric  and “out there”. He uses different prints, layers, and types of fabric when creating his pieces and is known for the masculine elements he adds to his women’s designs.

This particular collection is a magnificent modernisation of the 30’s fashion. Noten transforms the typical silhouette from the 30’s into a contemporary, slightly psychedelic , and of course, eccentric journey. The collection features Bridget Riley inspired patterns mixed with floral prints, 3D flowers popping up from the shoulders, the emblematic for the designer mix of materials and men’s wear inspired pieces. Some looks are very 30’s and feminine with a modern feel and some are masculine and edgy. What I like the most is the masterful mix of pattern, colours and textures and the boldness of the looks, together with the consistent 30’s inspired hair of the models and the killer sunglasses.

This collection will inspire even the most conservative and minimal women to try wearing a bolder ensemble this fall.  Try mixing different scale patterns or a pop of bright colour…..

Dries Van Noten