Horizontal Body Type

Horizontal Body Type

To find your body type you need to do 2 things.

  1. Measure your bust, waist (at its smallest part), and hips (at their largest part)
  2. Look at a full size mirror and assess your silhouette (the outline of your body) from front and sideways view.
  • If your bust measurements are the same or very close to your hips measurement and you have a well defined waist – you are an Hourglass Body Type best casino online
  • If your bust line, waist and hips are equal or very similar (there is no a defined waist) you are a Rectangle Body Type. Also when you look at yourself from the side your bottom may look flat.
  • If your bust, waist and hips are equal or the waist line is slightly bigger then the hips and bust line. Shoulders are soft and rounded and the bottom (from a sideways view) is curved. You are most likely Oval Body Type
  • If your bust line is narrower than your hips. Your bust is smaller than your hips when looking at yourself sideways and your bottom is curved. You are a Triangle Body Type
  • If your bust line is broader than your hips in measurements and when looking at your silhouette sideways you are most likely an Inverted Triangle Body Type.

After you determine your Horizontal Body Type assess your vertical body type

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