Body Type Analysis

Do Your Own Body Type Analysis and Body Proportions Analysis

Knowing what to wear and how to dress starts with your body type.
The first step of your self makeover is a body type assessment. Knowing your body type will help you choose the right styles for your figure. Wearing clothes that will create a balanced silhouette and are proportionately right for you is the key for looking your best. After assessing your body type and learning what styles are the most appropriate for your figure (together with knowing your best colors) will help you realize why your closet is full with clothes that you almost never wear. Ultimately you will be able to make the best decision when buying clothes and accessories and save tons of money. You will learn how not to make mistakes buying something that is very pretty, trendy and chic but totally inappropriate for your body type, structure, or proportions.  You will also learn how to camouflage areas of your body that you don’t like and how to emphasize your best features. Follow the steps bellow and you will  always know what to wear to look fabulous. 

To be able to fully understand what suits you best you need to analyse 3 dimensions of your body:

  • Horizontal Body type (today we recognize five main body types)
  • Vertical Body Type or Proportions (how balanced is your body)
  • Height and bone structure (petite, average or grand, fill-figure)
Your horizontal body shape is basically your bone structure and the distribution of fat and muscle around it. Most people stay the same basic shape from late teens onwards. However, you shape can be altered by weight gain, hormonal change, pregnancy, cosmetic surgery, age, etc.
Your vertical body type refers to your figure proportions. 
This simply means that you can determine whether you are short waisted, long waisted, short legged, long legged or balanced. 
Your height and bone structure are also very important when choosing your clothes and accessories. This assessment will help you to determine whether you are petite, average or tall and whether you have fine, medium or grand bone structure.