Height and Bone Structure

Body Type Analysis (Height and Bone Structure) 

Another part of your body type analysis is assessing your hight and bone structure this way you will know if you are tall, petite or average and the type of your bone structure.
Knowing all this is very important when choosing what to wear and how to accessorize. 
To assess your bone structure, measure your wrist.

  • You have fine bones if your wrist measurement is 5½ inches (14 cm) or less
  • You have medium bones if your wrist measurement is 5½ – 6½ inches (14 – 16cm) 
  • You have grand bones if your wrist measurement is 6½ inches (16 cm) 

To find out whether you are petite, average or tall use the chart below. 

Petite 5’3” (160cm) and under
Average – 5’3” (160cm) – 5’7” (170cm)
Tall 5’7” and over

You can be any combination between the different bone structures and the different height scales. Most commonly, however, the petite woman has fine to medium bones. The tall woman can be with fine, medium and grand bones. 
Knowing your type of bone structure and your height will help you a great deal with picking your jewelries, fabrics and patterns, which is a vital part of developing your individual style. 

Click on licks above for more information on what to wear for petite and tall figures.

Having a grand bone structure actually means that you have a great presence and people notice you easily, do not be afraid of that as it is rather an advantage. This body structure will help you a great deal in your job if you aim for a management or executive career path. If you have grand bone structure you should opt for darker colour palette and avoid bid, crazy prints and patterns but when choosing your accessories you can go for bold, big jewellery, chunky shoes and big scarves. The dark tones will balance your grand structure and the bolder accessories will stand out and complete your look.

On the contrary, any woman with a fine bone structure should wear bright colours and prints to create an illusion of a bigger figure and establish a greater presence. The accessories should be kept fine and small though, since anything big can easily overwhelm this fine body structure.

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