Boho Flair

Boho Flair

Adding Boho Flair to Basic Outfits

Style icons including supermodel, Kate Moss, often rely on bohemian style to look cool, without looking like they’re trying too hard. But luckily you won’t need to spend megabucks on a whole new rich hippie wardrobe from Gucci to add exotic boho flair to your outfits. When you choose a few affordable accessories and a couple of new separates, you’ll be able to get the laid-back hippie look with very little expense or effort. We all have basic pieces in our wardrobe, from simple white t-shirts to high-waisted jeans and long skirts, which are very easy to accessorize the boho way. This quick guide will give you the inside scoop on how to get crunchy style in no time flat.

Invest in headbands and floppy hats

Women who are courageous enough to deck themselves out in headbands or floppy hats really stand out. They exude confidence, because they are taking fashion chances. If you’re brave enough to wear printed silk or jeweled headbands, like Nicole Richie and Brie Bella do, or don floppy hats, like Sienna Miller and Vanessa Hudgens do, you’ll find that your headwear elevates even a basic t-shirt and jeans. A headband or floppy hat will lend a touch of vintage-inspired hippie charm to most outfits. Throwing on the right headwear will be one of the simplest ways to get the hippie look.

Top basics with earth-toned sweaters

When it comes to buying new clothes that help you to master the boho look, you can’t go wrong with loose, earth-toned sweaters. They should have the hand-knitted look, whether they’re handmade or not. They should never be tight or embellished. When you choose a loose pullover or baggy cardigan, you’ll be able to throw it on top of a long dress, or a skirt, or jeans, and get a retro boho look instantly. Don’t go too pale or too dark. Go for neutral earth tones, such as chunky knits in camel, medium brown or moss green. Natural fibers are the best choices, although they tend to cost more than synthetic materials.

Add jewelry from hippie locales

Jewelry is an important facet of hippie style. It adds so much feel and attitude. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, either. If you can’t afford turquoise-and-silver rings from Arizona, or Berber necklaces from Morocco, check out local street vendors. They often have interesting replicas of these types of designs available for rock-bottom rates. The quality of street jewelry isn’t going to be that high, but it’ll be fun to wear while it lasts. When you wear rings on your fingers, along with anklets, pendants and drop earrings, you’ll be capturing the freewheeling, adventurous boho spirit.

Search for vintage finds

Women who love to dress the boho way always love vintage. They enjoy combing through thrift stores to find hippie treasures from the Sixties. While some hippie vintage costs a fortune due to its rarity and beauty, it’s possible to find pieces that are available for a song. Knowing what to look for is half the battle. Psychedelic print dresses from Pucci are vintage treasure and far from cheap. Retro t-shirts, maxi dresses and bell-bottomed jeans from the old days may be available for much less, yet still be very cool.

Have fun with it

Boho style is comfortable, a bit rebellious and very trendy these days. The original hippies were tired of all the rules that they had to follow in life. They wanted more freedom, so they rejected middle class values. Hippie clothes weren’t fitted or proper. They were flowing and wild. When you choose headwear, earth-toned sweaters, jewelry and vintage finds with boho flair, you’ll be able to get the hippie look in minutes, without buying a whole new wardrobe. Have fun with it, and don’t go overboard with makeup or hair. A center-parted hairstyle, a bit of bronzer and lip balm will more than enough.

By Jacqueline Young

Photo by Kelly McCrimmon