Classic Wardrobe Pieces

classic style

Fashion is relentlessly changing with trends coming and going every season and retailers showing a new collection every month. It is a never ending cycle and, as it might be what some women are living for, it can also be quite overwhelming and tedious for others. However, there are certain pieces that speck to most of us regardless of season and current trends, the so called “classic pieces”. Classic styles stood the test of time proving their ability to add a dose of good taste and elegance to once’s style. I like thinking of the classic clothes as the anchor of a wardrobe and the backbone of everybody’s personal style. They are the starting point from where we build our wardrobes and evolve our style adding fashion pieces, personalising and accessioning. And you mustn’t think of the classic style as boring or conservative, when done write wearing classic pieces will add authenticity and timelessness to your personal style. Just stick to the pieces that appeal most to you and you know that you will like for a long time and invest in the best tailoring and fabric quality you can afford. Also, make sure the classic pieces you choose to build your style around suit your body type and flatter your silhouette.

I, for example, love a classic tailored blazer and know that it looks great on me so I have made it my personal staple. I dress it up and down and wear it almost every day and with everything, I pair it with jeans for a casual but chic look, wear a boyfriend version over a dress to achieve a tomboy look or match it with trousers for a more masculine classic business outfit. Personalising a classic piece of clothing requires knowing your personal style and wardrobe very well but it also makes dressing easy and effortless at the end allows for making smart shopping choices. It all starts with experimenting and trying different pieces but at the end owning a good array of classic clothes will be the best investment you have ever made. After all they are called “classic” because have appealed to many women over a very long period of time and are still perfectly valid fashion staples now. And this also means that the classic cloths fit most body types well and you won’t be taking chances when deciding to wear one.

Here are the classic wardrobe pieces I think every woman should consider having.