The Little Black Dress



The absolute must for every wardrobe the little black dress or LBD is an ultimate classic fashion piece. It is believed that it was invented by Coco Chanel in the 20’s and her intention was to create a long-lasting, versatile, affordable, and accessible dress for every woman. The LBD is an evening or cocktail dress that is usually short and simple and can easily transition from day to night. Now, this doesn’t mean that any black dress will do the trick, on the contrary, to find your ultimate LBD you have to be careful how you choose it and what you invest in. After all if you want a long lasting piece it needs to be classic, simple and elegant but of utmost hight quality. For me there are two extremely important factors when searching for your little black dress, the first is the fit, the second is the fabric. I would definitely  consider my body type first and make sure that the dress I pick fits impeccably. This is important because you want your LBD to be an outfit on its own and to look stunning without any accessories or extra pieces added, as well as, to easily be paired with all sorts or accessories, jewellery and outerwear. This is what makes the little black dress so important for a complete wardrobe – simplicity and versatility. The fabric is what will also make your LBD special and give it a luxurious vibe. A black dress worn on its own needs a high quality fabric to make it look expensive and chic.

I recently purchased a simple, lace, boat neck, boxy fit black dress with pockets that is, at the same time, casual and easy when worn with flats and super elegant when paired with high heels. And because the dress has a lace upper layer it does not require any accessories to make it special.

Here is my LBD guide to help you choose the perfect one for your body type:

LBD guide