The White Button Up Shirt

classic - white button up shirt

One of the most versatile among the classics the white button up shirt is by far my favourite. It goes with everything and for every occasion, from the beach to a black tie event. It may look one dimensional but in fact the white shirt can be given many different looks just by the way it is worn and styled. Some like it tailored close to the body, cuffs rolled back and collar up, others prefer it boxy and loose, and some like it worn with the buttons closed all the way up and sleeve down. There are millions way to wear the white shirt and all of them give a different attitude to your style. It is such a simple piece of clothing with so mush character and potential.  Worn with summer shorts it gives the look a cool, French vibe while paired with a long black skirt gives a “red carpet quality” to the outfit.  The white button up shirt doesn’t need accessories and it can be the centre of an outfit, as well as, a subtle layering pieces for any ensemble. You cannot go wrong wearing a white shirt, just make sure you feel comfortable and give it a personal touch.

It seems easy to shop for a white shirt since every fashion retailer at every price point carries them but the truth is you need to know exactly what you are looking for first. I like a crisp, cotton, masculine tailored shirt and I will get it is a size bigger than mine so I can wear it loose or, when tucked in, to create a dramatic volume. Some women like it in silk for a more feminine look, some prefer viscose for it’s better draping qualities and because it is easier to take care of. There are many details to think about before you go shopping for your white shirt, from fit and fabric to price point it is all very important to know in advance.

Here are some places to look for a classic white button up shirt:

Here are some of my picks (some of the shirts bellow appear not white because they come in more than one colour):