Clothes Shopping Strategies

Clothes Shopping Strategies 

Clothes Shopping Strategies

Clothes Shopping Strategies

Sometimes shopping for clothes, as we all know, can be very frustrating and time consuming and many people hate doing it. However it is a task that has to be done on a regular basis if you want to have a working wardrobe that is functional, modern and most importantly works for your lifestyle, body type and natural colouring. Ultimately you want to dress in clothes that boost your self esteem and make you feel confident and comfortable. Here are some tips that will make your shopping easier. 

  • First and most important – know what you are looking for. Make yourself a list with the pieces you need based on your wardrobe clusters (see the section Build your Wardrobe). This will save you time and it will prevent you from impulse buying.
  • Review the notes you have for your particular body type and know what silhouettes work best for you (see the section Body Types for details).
  • Make sure you know your colours well (see Colour Analysis for details). If you have a colour palette take it with you, it will make your life easier.
  • Shop alone, it is faster and prevents you from getting influenced by your friends’ opinions – they will most likely make you buy pieces that they like but are irrelevant to your body and colour profile. This will also help you develop your personal style.
  • Always ask for help in the store and let the sales associates know what you are looking for.
  • Try everything on and use the 3D mirror.
  • Read the labels for fabric content and washing instructions (sometimes the items are very hard to take care of and are not worthed buying).
  • Before you go out there and start shopping make a research. Go on-line and check the websites of the retailers you are most often shopping from and see if you can find items you like and are looking for. 
  • If you don’t have time or hate shopping the best think to do is to buy everything online. It is a great way of shopping, it is safe and fast and it is all done in the convenience of your own home. Most retailers have very comprehensive size system to make your life easier and will do a full refund if an item doesn’t work for you or you don’t like it.   


You are a petite if you are 5’3” (160cm) and under. The petite woman can face a real hard time finding well fitting clothes. Some of you are probably perfectly happy shopping from the normal fashion stores but a very big percentage of the petite women need to find a retailer that is specializing in fashion for petites. Fortunately there are some really good companies that offer clothes for petites (see the list bellow) and shopping there guarantees you 100% certain that all specifics of your delicate frame are taken into consideration when the garment is produced.

Before you start shopping read the general ruler for smart shopping and don’t forget the general rules for how to dress your petite body.

In short:

  • Wear bright and light colours as they visually enlarge
  • Wear vertical stripes, they elongate the figure
  • Try wearing the same colour on top and bottom as this will also create the illusion of a taller silhouette
  • Wear small patterns and prints, and small in scale jewelry and accessories
  • Wear high heels

Here is a list of retailers that offer fashion for petites:


A woman is considered tall if she is 5’7” and over. Depending on your hight you may be perfectly able to find clothes that fit you very well at the regular fashion stores or if you are really tall you may need to shop at the retailers that specialize in making fashion for tall women. There are several very good companies that offer clothes and shoes just for you (see the list bellow) and in general nowadays is way easier to find specialized fashion that fits a taller silhouette especially with the option of on-line shopping. Before you start go to the smart shopping page for some tips of how to safe money and time and don`t forget the general rules of how to how to dress your tall body.

Here are some rules for a tall silhouette in brief:

  • Wear darker colours
  • Wear bold prints and patterns and big jewelry
  • Brake your outfit in two wearing different colours on top and bottom
  • Wear horizontal stripes
  • Be careful with the hight of the heels

Here is a list of retailers that offer fashion for tall women:


You can be tall, average and petite and be full-figured as well. If you are full-figured you will wear size 16 and over. It can be very frustrating for the woman with this figure type to find styles that fit well and make her look flattering and elegant. There are few rules however that will help you create your unique style and make your life easier when you shop. First of all you need to find the right stores that sell clothes that fit your particular figure (see a list of some suggestions bellow). Also see how to dress an oval body type.
Here is some basic rules for dressing a full-figured silhouette:

  • Wear dresses and skirts bellow your knees
  • Choose tailored suites
  • Choose bold patterns and prints
  • Pick dark colors as they create a slimming effect
  • Wear the same tones on top and bottom
  • Wear long necklaces, draped scarves and deep necklines
  • Wear chunky jewelry
  • Consider vertical stripes
  • Wear good support underneath your garment
  • Wear loose fitting clothes that will flatter your body

Here is a list of retailers that offer fashion for a full-figured women:

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