Shopping Strategies/Full Figure

You can be tall, average and petite and be full-figured as well. If you are full-figured you will wear size 16 and over. It can be very frustrating for the woman with this figure type to find styles that fit well and make her look flattering and elegant. There are few rules however that will help you create your unique style and make your life easier when you shop. First of all you need to find the right stores that sell clothes that fit your particular figure (see a list of some suggestions bellow). Also see how to dress an oval body type.
Here is some basic rules for dressing a full-figured silhouette:

  • Wear dresses and skirts bellow your knees
  • Choose tailored suites
  • Choose bold patterns and prints
  • Pick dark colors as they create a slimming effect
  • Wear the same tones on top and bottom
  • Wear long necklaces, draped scarves and deep necklines
  • Wear chunky jewelry 
  • Consider vertical stripes
  • Wear good support underneath your garment 
  • Wear loose fitting clothes that will flatter your body

See a list of some of the best retailers that offer fashion for a full-figured women:

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