Shopping Strategies/Tall

A woman is considered tall if she is 5’7” and over. Depending on your hight you may be perfectly able to find clothes that fit you very well at the regular fashion stores or if you are really tall you may need to shop at the retailers that specialize in making fashion for tall women. There are several very good companies that offer clothes and shoes just for you (see the list bellow) and in general nowadays is way easier to find specialized fashion that fits a taller silhouette especially with the option of on-line shopping. Before you start go to the smart shopping page for some tips of how to safe money and time and don`t forget the general rules of how to how to dress your tall body.

Here are some rules for a tall silhouette in brief:

  • Wear darker colours
  • Wear bold prints and patterns and big jewelry
  • Brake your outfit in two wearing different colours on top and bottom
  • Wear horizontal stripes
  • Be careful with the hight of the heels

Here is a list of some of the best stores that offer fashion for tall women:

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