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Free Color Analysis

Color analysis is simply a careful assessment of your natural colouring of eyes, skin and hair. The most popular and easy to perform system so far is the Seasonal Color System. This system places individual coloring into four general categories: WinterSpringSummer and Autumn. Recently this method has been  developed even furder and now we recognize not 4 but 12 types of personal coloring, for each season there are 3 sub seasonal palettes, which makes this system one of the most sophisticated and accurate methods for color analyses.

The 4 basic seasonal colourings are as follows:

Summer Woman

Spring Woman

Autumn Woman

Winter Woman

How To Do Your Own Color Analysis

  • To determine your skin tone look at your forehead and the inner side of your wrist.
  • You will need a mirror and lots of natural light but don’t stand directly against the sun.

Also make sure that you are evaluating your natural hair at this present moment – not your color when you were a kid or your dyed hair.

Keep in mind that all skin colors of all races can be either neutral, warm or cool it just depends of the skin undertones (for example if we take two African women one can be cool but the other can be warm).
Your goal is to determine tree main aspects of your natural coloring: 
Hue: how cool or warm the color appears
Value: How light or dark is the color 
Chroma: how clear or muted is the color Lets start with hue. See the chart bellow.
Winter and Summer are cool.
Autumn and Spring are warm. 
Then you determine whether you are light and fair or dark and rich. This will be the value of your colors.A dark cool person will be a Winter.
A light cool person will be a Summer.
A dark warm person will be an Autumn.
A light warm person will be a Spring. 
And last you need to determine your chroma, which simply means whether your color characteristics are strong and rich; soft and muted or clear or bright. 
STRONG AND RICH – Deep Autumn or Deep Winter
LIGHT AND FAIR – Light Spring or Light Summer
WARM AND GOLDEN – Warm Spring or Warm Autumn
COOL AND ROSY – Cool Summer or Cool Winter
SOFT AND MUTED – Soft Summer or Soft Autumn
CLEAR AND BRIGHT – Clear Spring or Clear Winter

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