Clear Spring

Characteristics and Best Colors to Wear

Clear Spring

Hair: Medium to dark brown, dark blonde, salt and paper
Skin: Light and translucent, porcelain, ivory, clear beige
Eyes: Jewel-like blue, bright hazel, green, blue violet

The overall characteristic of the Clear Spring woman is clear and contrasting. This natural colouring is a blend between Spring and Winter and sometimes the Clear Spring can be wrongly classified as Winter (especially when she has darker hair). Although this colouring is quite neutral still the warm tones are the dominant ones. 

The key here is that the look is contrasting and the colors are clear. Avoid muddy, dark and dusty shades. Compliment your natural colouring with rich and vibrant colors from the Spring Color Palette and create contrasts with your wardrobe and accessories. 

Your best neutrals are all shades of grey and if you have darker hair you can even wear black quite well. Wear primary (true) colors. You have advantage over most other seasons because true colors overwhelm them and make them look dull, on you though they look gorgeous. 

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