Warm Spring

Characteristics and best colors to wear

Warm Spring

Hair: Red, golden strawberry, strawberry, copper, auburn
Skin: Ivory, porcelain (freckles), ruddy complexion
Eyes: teal blue; green; light, warm hazel with golden; turquoise; blue green topaz

The overall look of the Warm Spring woman is golden, clear and warm. This season could overlap a little bit with Warm Autumn and therefore analyzing the intensity of your coloring (chroma) is a key to accurate assessment of your true season. The Spring woman always have lighter and delicate look. 

When choosing colors make sure you go for the warmest, clear colors avoiding too bright and primary shades. Always select the colors with golden undertones and pay particular attention choosing your pinks, blues and reds. 

Coral, golden brown, aqua, moss and camel are all good for you. Avoid black choosing dark brown or grey-green as alternatives for neutrals. 

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