Autumn woman

Characteristics and best colors to wear

Autumn Woman

The Autumn women has a rich, vivid and overall warm look.  She is most often dark blonde, brunette or redhead, and her skin tone is warm to neutral. A key here is the warm, golden undertones which are very specific for this season’s palette.


Beige; Ivory;
Golden beige;
Caramel; Maple;
Dark beige (coppery);
Golden brown


Red or auburn; Coppery brown; Golden red;
Chestnut brown; Dark warm brown; Golden brown; Mousy brown; Dark golden blonde



Dark brown; Golden brown;
Amber; Hazel;
Green gold; Green;
Olive green
Turquoise (in red haired)

And here are the best colors for the Autumn Woman:

Autumn Palette


Above are the general color characteristics of the Autumn women. We do, however, recognize three different types of Autumn Season Colouring.

Click on the images below to find out which one best describes you.

Soft Autumn

Warm Autumn

Deep Autumn

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