Summer Woman


Summer Woman

The Summer woman has an overall cool and fairly light natural colouring. They don’t have brown, bark brown or black eyes and their hair goes from white blonde to dark brown but without warm undertones.


Pink; Rose or blue undertones; Pale   beige with pink cheeks; Light beige; Rosy beige or rosy brown;Very pink; Light ivory; Gray brown; Porcelain



White blond; Ash blond; Dark ash blond; Mousy brown; Ash brown; Dark brown (taupe tone); Pearly cool gray; Gray blonde; Pearl white



Blue (with white webbing in iris cloudy look); Blue-green; Green (with white webbing in iris cloudy look); Soft gray-blue, Soft gray green; Bright clear blue; Pale clear aqua (eyes change from to blue to green, depending on clothes); Hazel (cloudy brown smudge with blue or green); Gray

And here are the best colors for the Summer Woman:

Summer color palette

Above are the general color characteristics of the Summer women. We do however recognize three different types of Summer Season Coloring.

Click on the images bellow to find out which one best describes you.

Light Summer

Soft Summer

Cool Summer

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