Colour Analysis – Light Spring

Colour Analysis – Light Spring

Characteristics and best colours to wear

Light Spring

You are almost at the end of your personal colour analysis, if the description bellow applies to you you are a Light Spring.

  • Hair: Flaxen blond; yellow or honey blond; caramel; champagne, creamy white
  • Skin: Creamy ivory; ivory; peach; peach beige; golden beige; golden brown
  • Eyes: Blue; green; blue-green; aqua

The overall look is soft, delicate and light with very low contrast between skin tone and hair. This seasonal colouring could look somewhat neutral if the woman flow into Light Summer and have some cool tones in her colouring. In general keep the colors you wear light and avoid strong contrasts. Try ton on ton combinations as well as steer away from dusty colors. Choose clear and light to medium shades from the Spring Color Palette. 

Warm pastel pink, pastel green, yellow-green, periwinkle, stone, camel and khaki are very good colors for your delicate colouring. 

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