Colour Analysis – Light Summer

Colour Analysis – Light Summer 

Characteristics and Best Colors to Wear

Light Summer

You are almost at the end of your personal colour analysis, if the description bellow applies to you you are a Light Summer.

  • Hair: Ash blonde, grey blonde, cool grey
  • Skin: light ivory, soft beige, cool beige
  • Eyes: Soft blue, blue grey, grey

A blend between Summer and Spring, the overall look of the Light Summer is elegant, soft and delicate. Your look is not very contrasting so you should avoid colour combinations with higher contrast. Try dressing monochromatically or combine shades that are similar in intensity and temperature. For example you can mix lavender with powder pink. As a general rule you should stick to the light tones of the overall Summer Palette adding true greens, soft brown and cocoa and pastel pink. Blues and pinks are your best colours as for the office try grey-blue and for the evening rose or soft teal. Avoid black. Go for silver jewelry.

Here are some colours that will make the Light Summer look stunning:


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