Colour Analysis – Soft Summer

Colour Analysis – Soft Summer 

Characteristics and Best Colours to Wear

Soft Summer

You are almost at the end of your personal colour analysis, if the description bellow applies to you you are a Soft Summer.

  • Hair: Ash blonde, dark ash blonde, medium brown, mousy grey, 
  • Skin: Light ivory, beige
  • Eyes: Soft teal, grey green, blue grey, soft hazel

The Soft Summer is a blend of Summer and Autumn. She can look muted and dusty and in general neutral. The Soft Summer has a very special and elegant look especially when she wears her best colours. She however can find herself looking uninteresting due to the low contrast and muted tones of her natural colouring. Wearing bright and strong colours will only emphasize this effect. Stick to soft, pastel colors like mint, blue green, rose beige and soft white. Also try rich burgundy, amethyst and teal. Go for silver jewelry.

Here are some colours that will make the Soft Summer look stunning:

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