Colour Analysis – Clear Winter

Colour Analysis – Clear Winter 

Characteristics and best colours to wear

Clear Winter

You are almost at the end of your personal colour analysis, if the description bellow applies to you you are a Clear Winter.

  • Hair: Black, dark brown, salt and pepper, silver
  • Skin: Porcelain, ivory, beige, clear olive
  • Eyes: Deep blue, violet, clear hazel

The Clear Winter has great strength of colouring, strong contrasting and clear look. 
Pair icy colours with rich, dark tones from the Winter palette, this will create a striking contrast that will compliment your natural dramatic character.
For the office gray, black and navy are all fine but try to make it more exciting adding some royal blue, icy blue or taupe. Dark brown could be a good option too but only for people with hazel eyes. For the evening choose black, emerald, true blue or hot pink. Go for silver jewellery. 

Here are some colours that will make the Clear Winter look stunning:


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