Colour Analysis – Cool Winter

Colour Analysis – Cool Winter 

Characteristics and best colours to wear

Cool Winter

You are almost at the end of your personal colour analysis, if the description bellow applies to you you are a Cool Winter.

  • Hair: Silver grey, salt and pepper, black grey.
  • Skin: Ivory, clear olive, cool beige
  • Eyes: Deep brown, grey brown

The overall look of the Cool Winter is clear and cool and somewhat neutral. 
Choose cool, softer colors from the Winter color palette such as raspberry, plum, fuchsia, blue red. Since your overall mood is cool try to dress in cool tones only. Your best neutrals will be true gray and charcoal. Avoid golden browns and beige colors as well as all worm shades. Your best choices for work will be grays and navies but try to avoid black, as it may look severe on you. You can also wear soft white, taupe, raspberry, soft blue as oppose to the classic white/gray, white/navy look which may make you look older. Go for silver jewellery.

Here are some colours that will make the Cool Winter look stunning:


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