Colour Analysis – Deep Winter

Colour Analysis – Deep Winter

Characteristics and best colours to wear

Deep Winter

You are almost at the end of your personal colour analysis, if the description bellow applies to you you are a Deep Winter.

  • Hair: Dark brown, black, deepest auburn (not mousy)
  • Skin: Black, cool brown, olive, cool beige
  • Eyes: Deep brown, hazel, olive

Your colouring is very strong and your overall look is deep and cool. You can wear black very well as well as deep and rich neutrals. To compliment your colouring wear vibrant primary colours, deep neutrals and rich shades that will compliment your personality. 
For business wear black, charcoal and navy with some strong primary colours or pure white for layering. For evening wear choose black, true red or purple. 
For the dark skinned Deep Winters is not recommended to wear black or very dark grey or brown close to their faces. Help brighten your contrasting features, choosing contrasting shades from the primary tones. Do not wear anything that is going to blend too closely with your own coloring. Go for silver jewellery.

Here are some colours that will make the Deep Winter look stunning:


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