What to Wear to a Wedding

What to Wear to a Wedding

What to wear to a wedding is a questions that needs to be addressed properly. There are several different types of weddings and you need to dress accordingly if you don’t want to look awkward and feel like you don’t belong there. The first step when choosing what to wear is to find out the type of wedding you are going to. In general, there are 4 levels of formality when it comes to weddings.
 (or Black Tie)

White Tie – the highest level of formality and it very rear this days (the wedding of prince William and Kate, for example)

Then you need to also find out if you are going to an evening, daytime, or outdoor wedding and of course the season. The level of formality and setting of the event are the most important factors when deciding what to wear to a wedding. However, sometimes is hard to gather that information especially if you don’t know the bride and groom very well. In this case the most appropriate and easy thing to do is to call and ask. If you don’t want to ask directly take a closer look at the invitation. This single piece of paper can tell you a lot about the etiquette and level of formality of the wedding. It will also give you the information of wear the wedding is taking place. Look at the quality of the paper, the font, and the language used on the invitation – all this will give you a hint about what kind of wedding you are about to go to, also if it a black tie or a white tie type of wedding it will be stated there in writing. 

Some common rules when choosing what to wear to a wedding are:

  • Never wear white (it is the color of the bride) 
  • Don’t dress too sexy or extravagant, your goal is to look respectfull and elegant without overshadowing the bride. 
  • Make sure that your shoulders are covered if going to a church wedding (bring a shawl if needed)
  • Don’t wear black to a day wedding
  • Don’t wear denim, t-shirts, or anything too casual
  • Be comfortable as you will most likely dance and stand up for a long period of time

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