What to wear to the club

What to Wear to the club

Do you spend hours in front of the mirror thinking: what to wear to the club tonight? How to dress for a club could be a complicated matter since we need to consider many elements when deciding on an outfit.

Here is a basic guideline for choosing what to wear to the club.

  • Firstly, you need to know what kind of club (what kind of music) you are going to so you can tailor your outfit towards the club’s aesthetic. For example if it is a salsa club you are probably not going to choose leather, bickers jacket and a black denim.
  • Check if the club you are going to has a particular dress code.
  • Do not wear a lot and very warm cloths because there will probably be a lot of dancing and in the clubs is usually fairly warm.
  • Do wear body tight styles and mini skirts or dresses but make sure that you still look tasteful. Sexy is good but anything too revealing could make you look rather trashy, besides it is always more attractive to live something to the imagination.
  • Sequins, fringes, ruffles, metallic, or neon colours, bold accessories and staple shoes are all perfect for the club.
  • Choose tube or one shoulder tops or anything with spaghetti straps to achieve a sexy look and stay cool at the same time.
  • For bottoms pick a sleek, skinny denim or leather (flux leather) pants or mini skirts.
  • Choose statement accessories and shoes – chunky necklaces, cocktail rings, bold earrings, and sparkling clutches are all great to wear to a club. Make sure that the shoes you pick are comfortable as you will be standing and dancing for a long time.
  • Wear a blazer for a more sophisticated look.

Here are some ideas for club outfits.

What to wear to a salsa club

KEY ELEMENTS: Sexy, flowy dresses or skirts, ruffles, fringes, floral prints…

salsa club

What to wear to a R&B club

KEY ELEMENTS: Gold, chains, animal prints, mini tight skirts, sparkles, sequins, killer pumps…

rnb club

What to wear to 80’s and 90’s dance club

KEY ELEMENTS: Neon colors, denim, metallic accessories, pointy shoes….

80's club wear

What to wear to a Rock&Roll or Alternative club

KEY ELEMENTS: Leather, studs, wedges, black, metal

rock club

What to wear to a jazz club

KEY ELEMENTS:  Fridges, gold, Art Deco, 2o’s fashion, pastel colors…

jazz club

What to wear to an upscale club

KEY ELEMENTS: Pencil skirts, sleek dresses, silk, fine jewellery

up-scale club