Earth Day Fashion Resolutions

Earth Day Fashion Resolutions

In the spirit of Earth Day I was thinking how unsustainable and polluting the fashion industry really is. With the rise of “fast fashion” with it’s super affordable prices, offering styles straight from the runaways and new collections every week it is very hard not to be tempted to buy excessively. And in my experience the majority of this purchases are impulsive and the cloths not practical and in most cases worn once or twice at the most. The truth is, for those of us fascinated by fashion, it is very hard to resist getting the latest trends or something we saw on someone whose style we admire and follow online, especially if this style is a knock off and therefore very affordable. That is the nature of the fashion victim, you have to have it and you have to have it now…are you going to wear it is a completely different question. So this is how many of us accumulate a great amount of clothes in their wardrobes that very often just end up in the bin without event being used. And if we think how much energy, labour, pollution, excess and so on goes into the production of these garments our harmless habits turn out to be the greatest contributors to the unsustainability of fashion today.

That being said I have to say BRAVO to H&M who launched a “garment collection” program that allows everyone to take back any unwanted clothes from any brand, they, after that, reticle and reuse them, way to go H&M…

So here is what I will be doing from now on to change my buying habits and support a greener fashion world:

  1. Will buy less clothes but invest in high quality materials that will last longer
  2. Will always consider my personal style first before I buy something impulsively just because looks amazing on the cover of Elle
  3. Will consider my body type and personal colouring before buying a garment to make sure it fits and flatters me
  4. After a purchase will keep the price tags on for three days to make sure that I really want to keep the garment and that it fits me well and goes with the rest of my wardrobe
  5. Will clean my wardrobe once a year and give everything unwanted that is in good condition to friends or donate it, I will also make the effort to fix everything that can be fixed insted of throwing it away
  6. Will visit the thrift and vintage stores more often
  7. Will simplify and unify my style
  8. Will stick to this 7 commitments no matter what

Happy Earth Day everyone!

images from Polyvore