Diamond Face Shape

Diamond Face Shape




  • Your face is slightly longer than wide (not more than a third)
  • Your forehead is narrow or slightly tapered
  • Your face is widest at the cheekbones
  • Your jaw line is narrow or long and pointy

This face shape is balanced and it could look very dramatic and strong.
You can experiment with a variety of hairstyles. Wear shorter hair styles with caution, the diamond face shape needs to leave weight in the back nape. This will give you more balance between your wider cheekbones and more delicate chin line. Try hairstyles that add width at the chin area such as chin length bobs.  Styles that tuck in behind the ears also work well to show off your wonderful cheekbone structure. You will also look good with styles that are full at your temples and chin; hair close to your head in the cheekbone area; slightly off-center parting; bangs (fringe) that sweep to the side. Avoid very short styles, center parting and too much volume at the top of your head.

Celebrities with this face shape: Elizabeth Hurley, Sophia Loren

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