Heart Face Shape

Heart Face Shape




  • Your face is slightly longer than wide
  • Your forehead is the widest part of your face or the same width as your cheekbones
  • Your hairline may have a widows peak
  • Your jaw line is long and pointed or tapers from your cheekbones

The heart face shape is wide at the temples and hairline, narrowing to a small delicate chin.
If you have a heart face shape you’ll want to consider chin-length or longer hair styles, they will create a balanced look for your face. A chin length bobbed hairstyle is great on your heart face shape, and it gives you fullness where you need it. Another hair style appropriate for you is a shoulder length hairstyle parted to one side. Also, side-parted hairstyles or swept-forward layers around the upper face, with gently wispy bangs. Avoid volume around the upper face and stay away from hair styles with too much height at the crown. 

Celebrities with this face shape: Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt

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