Oval Face Shape

Oval Face Shape




  • Your face is slightly longer than wide (not more than a third)
  • Your forehead is wider than your jaw line
  • The widest part of your face is the area of the cheekbones
  • The face tapers off from the cheekbones to the chin and it looks like an “egg shape”                

This face shapes can wear most hair styles well. If you have an oval face shape you can wear short, medium and long hair styles. Your face shape is well balanced, and in perfect proportion. Style your hair off your face or do slick-back looks. You don’t need to camouflage or balance your face so avoid hairstyles that cover up the face features with heavy bangs, or too forward-directed hair styles. This will only add weight to your face. Choose a style that suits your personality and is easy to maintain. Also make sure your hair colour suits you too.

Celebrities with this face shape: Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Tyra Banks

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