Round Face Shape

Round Face Shape




  • Your face is almost as wide as it is long
  • Your face is widest at your cheekbones
  • Your jaw line is full and round
  • Your hairline is most probably round

For this face shape is best to try hairstyles with fullness and height at the crown. Off center parts help reduce the roundness of the face. Go for styles that are longer than chin length as this will avoid emphasizing the width of the jaw line and make your face looks longer. By layering the top to achieve fullness and keeping the rest of the haircut relatively close to the face, your round face shape will appear longer and narrower.

Stay away from center parts as they tend to accumulate roundness. Also avoid hair styles with very short crops, or straight “chopped” bangs. Fullness at side of ears also accentuates the round face shape so you should avoid it.

Celebrities with this face shape: Christina Ricci, Kelly Osbourne, Kelly Clarkson

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