Fashion Trends - The Bucket Bag

Fashion Trends – The Bucket Bag

I always thought of bucket bags as shapeless, bulky, unpractical and …well, ugly. This is maybe because the ones I remember from my childhood were super tacky and unsophisticated, to me they were childish and silly and used only as sports bags or to go the beach. So imagine my surprise when that whole “bucket bag” craze started lately, I was amazed and puzzled how can anybody want to wear a bucket bag. Well, apparently the entire fashion world with it’s bloggers, it girls, fashionistas and everybody on the planet was finding this bag very “now” and “happening” so I had to dig deeper into that matter.  After I started searching for the bucket bag on google it turned out that not only the bag had undergone a major style transformation  but every designer and retailer, from H&M and Zorever 21 to LV and Saint Laurent, has at least one in their collections. And I swear, I see the the bucket bag everywhere, on the streets, in stores, online, and on the runways. And after I am sure this is just a fad, I have to admit that some of the designs out there are sublime, there is a great deal of elevation and luxury around the contemporary bucket bag and even I started to think about getting one for myself.

See my favourite bellow…