How To Dress Like A French Woman

How To Dress Like A French Woman

Ever wonder how french women dress so well and always look elegant and stylish? After all it isn’t easy to look amazing in just a sweater, trousers, and a pair of flats, not for the non-french women anyway.  We all have heard the expression that “French Women Are Different” and this is very true. I am not saying that they are better, more beautiful, or smarter than the rest of us, they are just different on a cultural level and in their approach to life.  They are more frivolous, laidback, confident, and practical and all that defines their signature style. Here are the 5 main elements that will help you dress like a frenchwoman

  • The french woman is very confident, she knows her best features and her flaws and lives in peace with herself. She knows how to emphasize the best she has got and how to conceal any imperfections. This is a powerful skill that will help any woman to always look great.


  • If you want to dress like a french woman forget about the trends and focus on your personal style. This is the trademark of the  french gal, she creates her personal look and sticks to it. This makes her different and unique without having to spend thousands keeping up with the fashion trends all the time. And with the money saved she….

signature style

  • invests in classic pieces that are high quality, will last long time, and are far more versatile than a fad. Having less but high quality pieces that fit perfectly is another secret of the french woman, she is not afraid to show up with the same cashmere sweater two days in one week because this is her signature look after all, …no?

classic french

  • For the french woman less is more, less fuss, less jewelry, less colour equals more chic. She is a minimalist with a neutral pallet and this is exactly what makes her so stylish. Coco Chanel’s signature look was plain trousers, a black t-shirt and a set of purls….what more elegant than that?

less is more

  • And last but not least there is one thing that french women do better than anybody else, they make masculine pieces look feminine which is the quintessence of  their enigmatic french look. A pair of denim with a boyfriend blazer for the day or a  classic tuxedo for  the evening, it just doesn’t get more french than that.

masculine french