How To Dress Like An Italian Woman

How To Dress Like An Italian Woman

It is a well known fact that the italian women are probably the most elegant and well dressed women throughout the globe. I have always admired them for their style, sensuality, and subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) sex appeal but have never given it much thought of how they achieve their famous allure. Few years ago I went to Italy and had the chance to visit two of Italy’s biggest cities and to observe the italian woman in “action”.  Here is what I find about how they dress and what makes them look so feminine and sexy.

First of all, the Italians (men and women) love fashion. They are notorious for buying and wearing designer clothes and accessories and very often spend more than they can afford on clothes, shoes and accessories. They do it, however, because they know the importance of wearing a well tailored piece that fits them perfectly, is made of high quality materials, and makes a fashion statement. The Italian woman was born and bred with the great Italian fashion heritage. She knows good fashion and will wear a designer name for the right reasons, not because of the “Brand” itself, but because it fits and looks amazing and will last a long time. During my over 10 years in fashion, Italy was the first place that I actually saw Pucci, Prada,  and  Dolce & Gabbana worn on the street by regular women (who do not work in the fashion industry).

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Despite all that the Italian women are very pragmatic, they create their outfits around one amazing fashion piece using a lot of other basics pieces (like a simple t-shirt or a cotton button up shirt for example) and wear lots of accessories to complete the look.

One key element of the Italian woman’s style is her confidence. She knows how to put herself together and that she looks amazing and this makes her even more appealing despite what she actually wears.  I was amazed by the way these women look even when they are not wearing anything special, they just have this aura around them that makes them irresistible. Another part of that is their sense of humor, love for food and wine and life in general. They laugh a lot and look happy.



The last element of the Italian woman’s sensual elegance is her love for children and a strong sense of family which makes her so feminine from within. She, of course, reinforces that by wearing a lot of lace, floral prints, dresses and skirts, jewellery and make up…..

If you want to put yourself together like an Italian wear a lot of dresses or skirts paired with simple top or a jacket. Do not overdo the outfit but always add a piece or two of jewellery. Always wear high heels and a good leather bag. The Italian woman doesn’t believe in short hair or a tomboy look and always wears a great pair of designer sunglasses… A touch of perfume and, of course, wearing lipstick is mandatory….

The italian style