How to Dress Your Hourglass Body

Hourglass Body Type

Hourglass Body Type

Characteristics of the hourglass body

  • Your hips and bust line are equal
  • Your shoulders could be square
  • Your waist is well defined
  • Your bust line is medium to large
  • The silhouette is very balanced
The most important factor when choosing how to dress is your body type. Knowing what shape your body has and what styles and silhouettes to choose for that particular body shape will guarantee that you will always look great.

What to Wear

This is the most proportionate body type. You can wear any silhouette and style as long as it is the right colour for you. Emphasize your waist line and the curve of the hip, these are your biggest assets. 
Experiment with dramatic clothing; play with accessories and jewellery; consider wearing the latest trends and have fun with it. You have the biggest freedom when it comes to clothes.
Also consider your vertical body proportions and choose the right waist rise for your body. If you have longer upper body wear higher waistlines.   

What not to wear

  • if you have larger bust avoid loose and baggy tops with lots of details
  • angular silhouettes
  • baggy clothes

Here are some silhouettes perfect for your body type:

If you are not sure what body type you are do your free body type analysis here.

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