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The basic products that should contain your makeup kit


  1. Correctors are thicker and provide better coverage than concealers and their main duty is to cover blemishes, scars, spots and discolouration. There are special correctors for underneath the eyes area designed for extreme darkness under the eyes. They come in different forms and not everybody needs to use one. If you have problem areas that you need to cover try to camouflage them with your foundation first as in many cases that will work just fine.
  2. Concealers are lighter than the correctors and there are different concealers designed for different uses. The main duty of the concealers is to lighten the area under the eyes. According to Bobbi Brown (the make up guru) the concealer is the most important step in your makeup routine making your face brighter and even younger looking if applied properly.
  3. Foundation is used to even out the face skin tone and improve its texture. Foundations come in many different forms. Make sure you choose the right formula for your skin type.
  • Oil free liquid foundation – oily skin
  • Oil-free cream – normal to oily skin
  • Liquid foundations – dry to extra dry skin
  • Powder foundations – oily skin
  • Mineral powder – very oily skin
  • Mousse or whipped foundations – combination skin
  • Tinted moisturisers – normal to dry skin

Your next step is to choose the right shade. Try to test the shade on your face (not on your hand)  under natural light if possible. Apply several shades and compare them on your face. The right one for you is the one that disappears on your skin.
4. Blush is used to emphasize your cheek bones and give you a healthy look. It also come in different forms appropriate for each skin type and condition (make sure you choose the right one for you consulting with a beauty specialist in your drug or beauty store). Choosing the right shade is also important and Bobbi Brown suggest that you pinch your cheeks and then match the tone. This will give you a natural look.
5. Lipstick is often all you need to look great. Choose a natural shade close to your natural colour for everyday or more dramatic tones for evening. You can choose between many different formulas but keep in mind that matte lipstick and pencils are the longer lasting products but not appropriate for dry lips. Sheer and glossy products are great for adding hydration and give the illusion for fuller lips but are usually don’t last very long.
6. Eye shadow emphasizes the eyes colour and shape. The three basic forms that the eye shadows come in are cream, powder and pencil. Choose a shade that will emphasize your eye colour. Do not try to match your eye shadow colour with your eyes or outfit the shades you pick should be complimentary. Always consider your skin colour temperature – for warm skin tones choose warmer shades and for cool skin colour pick cooler tones (use the colour pallets of your season for reference).
7. Mascara along with lipstick is a must and often all you need for a great look. It is easy to apply (easier than eyeliner) and can dramatically change the depth of your eyes emphasizing them and making them vivid and beautiful. There are mascaras for volume, length and waterproof ones.
8. Tools are one of the most factors in a well applied make up. Makeup artists recommend investing high quality brushes as they make all the differences when applying make up. Some of the basic brushes you should have are:

  • concealer brush
  • foundation brush
  • blush brush
  • eye shadow brush

You can also use your hands for application.

Make-Up Application

Go to the 7 basic steps for application

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