7 Basic Steps for Make-Up Application

Make-Up Application

How To Apply Makeup

7 Basic Steps


  1. Clean with mild cleanser (exfoliate if you need to to remove dead skin cells and build ups) and apply, moisturizer and eye cream to prepare the face for the make up application.
  2. Apply concealer to brighten the area under the eyes and to cover dark circles (if you have extremely dark under–eye area use eye corrector first and then apply the concealer). Apply the products underneath your entire eye and the area between your eye and the nose. Make sure to blend well, you can use your fingers.
  3. The next step is applying the foundation. Make sure you pick the right colour (the one that disappears when put on the face) and the right formula for your skin type. Apply throughout your entire face with a brush or sponge.
  4. For a healthy glowing skin apply blush on your cheek apples. Make sure to blend well to make it natural looking. Use a blush brush or fingers. 
  5. Next apply your lipstick followed with a lip liner if you need to define your lip contour. 
  6. Eye shadow – apply a lighter eye shadow on your entire eye lid area to the brew bone. Sweep darker tone on the lower lid up to the crease and you can apply even darker tone on the outer corner blending carefully. For many women, however, only the first step will be enough. 
  7. Apply mascara from the base of the lashes to the pits. Do the top lashes first and then the lower ones or you can choose to do just the top ones.  

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