Summer Dress Guide

Summer Dress Guide

Here is my summer dress guide for every body type. I hope to make your summer shopping easier and to help you choose your perfect style.

Hourglass body type

Since you are blessed with the most proportionate body type you have the liberty of wearing any style you wish. I will recommend that you wear tailored dresses that emphasize your feminine waistline, they are the most flattering for your body type and will make you look really feminine and sexy.

Triangle Body Type

If you have a triangle body type you have a slim bust line and larger hips and your goal is to balance that. Look for dresses that put the emphasis on your upper body and are tight and simple around the hip area. I recommend dresses with ruffles, prints and details around the bust and shoulder area, as well as, dresses with voluptuous sleeves and simple pencil or A-line skirts. Here are some examples:

Inverted Triangle Body Type

Generally the woman with this body type has wider shoulders and full bust line but slim hips and legs. To keep a balanced silhouette choose dresses that are simple and tight on top and have details and volume around the hip area. Bubble and tulip shape skirts, as well as, pleats are all perfect choices. Peplum dresses are another alternative that will create a flattering and balanced look for your body type. Here are my picks:

Rectangle Body Type

Ladies with this body type tend to have undefined waist line and their shoulders and as wide as their hips. There are two approaches to dressing this body shape, one is to define the waist line and another is to bypass it whatsoever following the natural line of the body. Straight, sheath and shift dresses are all good choices. If a more feminine look is desired look for dresses with emphasis on the waistline and experiment with prints, lace or fringes.

Oval Body Type

If you have an oval body your bust is large, your hips are narrow, your waist is undefined and is the widest party of your body. Your goal is to visually elongate your silhouette and make it look slimmer, as well as, to emphasize the waistline. This can be done by choosing dresses with vertical lines, stripes or details, dark colours, deep v necklines and  tailored styles. Avoid gatherings, pleats, and volume in general.

Long Legs/Short Torso

Having long legs and short torso is rather an asset but in some cases the torso needs to be visually elongated to create a more balanced look. Choose dresses with dropped waists to bypass the natural waistline and put the accent on your gorgeous legs. You can pull off a maxi dress very well too.

Short Legs/Long Torso

Your goal is to visually elongate your legs and to emphasize the waist a little bit above your natural waistline. Look for empire and high waisted dresses and the so popular right now cropped top dresses as they will be perfect for your body type. Here are the best dress styles for you:

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