The Independent Style

Finding your personal style is a long journey and it is different experience for everybody. For many it goes like this:

1. You start in your teenage years experimenting with crazy outfits and trying to be different and nonconformist.

2. Then, as a young adult, something happens and you go the opposite direction wanting to wear exactly the same as what your peers wear.

3. Later on, to show status and prosperity you go trough a “big brands” phase, consequently spending all your money on clothes.

4. And finally you realize that it is actually about the quality, the materials, the fit and the feel of the garment  not about the logo. From that point after you start looking for independent labels that would enhance your style and correlate with your personality.

Of course there are these few wise women who always knew who they are and who started from stage 4 and stayed there 🙂

I, as well as many of my friends, have always supported independent fashion designers so after I came across Trenddly I started thinking about how important independent labels are for establishing a unique personal style.

I really love what does. It is a new retail platform for independent brands and emerging designers based in New York City that supports and promotes “independent labels who find it hard to make their way through the noise and clutter of the over-saturated fashion market”.

These are my picks from the site:


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