The Oscars  - Best and Worst Dressed for Their Body Type

The Oscars – Best and Worst Dressed for Their Body Type

I have always wandered how the endorsements work. When a designer dresses a celebrity do they consider their body type or just go whit whatever they have decided to show, or do the stars choose themselves the gowns they want to wear. Either way, every time I watch the red carpet of the Oscars, Golden Globes, the Grammys etc. inevitably there are going to be celebrities that has gotten it all wrong for their body type and the other way around, some amazing silhouettes that really enhance and balance their natural shapes. I have to say, this years Oscars were pretty good but still there were few actresses who, despite the gorgeous gowns they were wearing looked not their best.

Lets take a look at few of them and analyse their body type and the styles they should and should not wear.

Starting with Triangle body type where the objective is to balance your smaller upper body and harrow shoulders with your curvier hips. This body type is very easy to dress if you pay attention to few details and follow some rules. Fist of all, never emphasize the area around the hips, this is where this body type is biggest so keep it simple with clean lines and plain colours. Second, despite how sexy and feminine your hips might look you still want to create a balanced look trying to make your upper body as wide as your lower with a nice emphasis on the waist so your body looks like an hourglass.

So who got it wrong at the Oscars?

kerry washington

Kerry Washington has a beautiful figure but take a look at her very narrow shoulders and small bust, her upper body is definitely smaller then her lower body but instead of trying to balance that she emphasizes her hips with a peplum top with floral details exactly where she should keep it clean and simple. As a result, despite her beautiful outfit, she ended up looking with a bigger hips than she probably has.

Another example is Zoe Saldana, the funny thing is she did get right with her second outfit for the Oscars after-party. On the first picture bellow she wears a pretty dress in tan which emphasizes her hips with a lot of fabric details and also the fact that her dress is getting narrower at the bottom makes her hips look even wider. On the contrary, her bust is kept simple and tight which makes her upper body look very tiny.

zoe saldana

Now take a look bellow to see how same Zoe Saldana looks stunning in her second outfit simply by choosing the right silhouette for her body type.


The heart shaped bodice of the dress gives the illusion of a wider bust, the black belt around the waist balances the body and the skirt simply drops down creating a beautiful and lean silhouette. This is very well done.

Two starts who really dressed their triangle body type well were Jessica Chastain and Reese Witherspoon, both wearing gowns with tight and simple skirts and stylish necklines masterfully balancing their silhouettes.

best dressed for triangle body

Now, Oval body type is fairly difficult to dress so I really have to give Oprah a credit here. Despite the fabric details and shape of the dress somehow everything works and she looks stunning. Key here is the defined waist that makes Oprah’s body look very balanced and feminine, as well as, the impeccable tailoring which is crucial when dressing an oval body type.


I can’t say the same for Oprah’s friend Kayle King, first of all the choice of fabric is all wrong, the shiny sateen will inevitably show all body imperfections and the fabric gathering around the waist makes the dress look sloppy and adds bulk.

Gayle King

Lets take a look at some celebs with a Square body type. Nicole Kidman is super tall and skinny and has a square body type which means that she doesn’t have a well defined waist. Her choice of gown silhouette and colour makes her look undernourished and the whole look rather flat. I would dress her in something more voluptuous with details around the shoulders and a more livelier colour.

nicole kidman

Another star with a square body type is Chloe Moretz. Even though she isn’t as skinny as Nicole she still lacks a well define waist, she is also a petite which makes her dress choice a disaster. She is wearing a flower print “princess” dress with a tight bodice and a huge skirt making her look short and fat even though the dress does create something like an hourglass shape. This dress also makes Chloe looks a lot older that 18 years old.

Chloe Moretz

The one person who always gets the square body shape right is Gwyneth Paltrow, the one sleeve gown with a big flower on the shoulder really softens her boyish frame and making her look ultra feminine. The dress’ tiny belt created the illusion of a more defined waist and the details around her shoulders balanced her narrow lower body creating a beautiful, soft and tender look.


And finally, there was only one star with a inverted triangle body type that I could spot but she was dressed exceptionally for her shape. Hannah Bagshawe couldn’t choose a more perfect for her slim hips and at the same time edgier and fashionable gown. This Alexander McQueen dress gives Hannah the so needed bulk around her hips with this amazing savage details on the waist, keeping her shoulders bare and simple and creating a perfect and balanced silhouette.