The Pencil Skirt

pencil skirts


The pencil skirt should be the backbone of your office wardrobe. It is the sexiest, most feminine and elegant garment appropriate for the office and that is the reason why it is such an important and classic wardrobe piece. It is hard to look business appropriate and chic at the same time and, in my opinion, the pencil skirt is perfect for achieving just that. I also think that there is no body type that does not look good in a pencil skirt as long as the the tailoring is well done of course. The pencil skirt is also easy to mix and match and can be part of many ensembles allowing you to create many different outfits around the same skirt.

For the office I would recommend a high waisted, wool version for all body types except for ladies with long legs/short torso body type. It will give a sexy vibe to your office attire and it is more versatile and interesting than a lower waist one. If you want to visually elongate your legs pick a pin stripe pencil skirt, if your thighs are rounder and your hip area broad opt for a stiffer fabric without stretch in it in dark tones, this will balance your figure. Invest in a neutral colour, impeccable tailoring that firs you perfectly and high quality fabrications, it will all pay off at the end.

Of course the pencil skirt isn’t just for the office, I love a leather pencil skirt with an oversized sweater, the texture/volume contrast really appeals to me. I also like a classic denim pencil skirt (the stretchier the better) for the summer, it never goes our of style.  Another favourite is a pencil skirt that hits just bellow the knees but this stile is not for everyone and it requires very high heels to look right.