Trends - The Sneakers

Trends – The Sneakers

New York str RS15 6834Few years ago, when the whole sport chic trend started I was a little conservative about it…I mean sweat pants worn with a blazer for work, come on…However, after a wile, the trend grew on me, the styles got more refined, the lines were clean, the garments well tailored but made out of jerseys, which is actually a big relief for the busy woman who is running around all day, anyway, and is forced to do so in fancy silks and restrictive pants and skirts.  Now, there is a new trend which is a continuation to the sport chic – the sneakers.  Everywhere I look there is a woman wearing a pair of Nikes, Tom’s slip ons or, really, any kind of sneaker you can imagine.  Now, this might seem normal to you, people lately don’t dress up like before, they care about comfort, and they do a lot of sports. I am talking abut fashion people though, and people who are trendy and stylish, people who dress up for work and to go out…all of them, no matter what they wear on top, have sneakers on their feet.  The combinations are endless – bow gown with sneakers, tailored 3 piece suit with sneakers, Prada dress with sneakers, even Anna Dello Russo is wearing sneakers (I have never seen her wear anything but super high heels). I have to say that I kind of like the trend, it is liberating and fun, but I also think that it is a difficult one to get right, one must posses a real sense of style in order to put a well coordinated and balanced outfit with sneakers together. Nonetheless, I think  fashion is going in the right direction….more comfort, less snobbery…What do you think?

the sneakers trend

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If you like the trend, and wand to give it try, but not sure how to do it I recommend to try something more conservative and transitional at first, see the the ideas bellow: