Wardrobe Personality

Wardrobe Personality

Together with your BODY TYPECOLOUR ANALYSIS, and FACE SHAPE ANALYSIS knowing your wardrobe personality will help you develop your individual style. Also, it will help you express yourself better, find your personal style, and always know how to dress. However, the ultimate advantage of knowing your wardrobe personality is that it will make your shopping for clothes easier. 
There are 5 main wardrobe personalities you can belong to, they are Natural, Classic, Romantic, Creative, and Dramatic. You can be a mixture of different personalities but there is always one that dominates.  

Here is a little quiz to help you determine your predominant wardrobe personality (write your answers in a piece of paper)

A) The majority of my clothes are:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Classic and stylish
  3. Pretty and preppy
  4. Weird and wacky
  5. Statement pieces

B) My preferred  work attire is:

  1. Comfortable separates that mix and match easily
  2. Classically tailored suits
  3. Elegant, soft, and fluid designs
  4. Appropriate but with an individual twist
  5. Bold combinations, striking designs

C) Which of the following dresses are you most likely to choose for evening:

  1. natural



4. creative


D) The accessories you prefer are:

  1. Minimal, natural colours and materials
  2. Pearls and golden jewellery, classic bags
  3. Delicate charms, vintage pieces, ornaments
  4. Ethnic influenced accessories, hand made, hats
  5. Bold, striking, one of a kind pieces

E) Your style icons are:

  1. Sofia Coppola, Betty Catroux, Diane Keaton
  2. Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Marlene Ditrich
  3. Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Portman
  4. Frida Kahlo, Bjork, Madonna
  5. Cher, Rihanna, Dita Von Teese

F) Your style can be described as:

  1. Minimal, basic
  2. Classic, designer wear
  3. Vintage, Bohemian
  4. Street, eclectic, cheap chic
  5. High fashion

Whichever number you have the most reviles your wardrobe personality.

  1. is a Natural
  2. is a Classic
  3. is a Romantic
  4.  is a Creative
  5. is a Dramatic

Click on your personality bellow to find out more about your style:






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