The one word that best describes the Romantics is “femininity”. They are sensual, romantic, and temperamental and love to look attractive. Their hair is long, soft and full, they always wear makeup, high heels and perfume. The Romantics will choose softer lines and you can see them wearing flower prints and lace on a regular basis. They like lavish pieces, beading, sequins and ornate detailing and often go for the vintage look. The Romantic’s favourite fashion styles are Bohemian and Vintage, they love wearing sexy and preppy clothes and will always go for the lace or flower print and never go out without lipstick. The Romantics are fun loving and like to party and be whit people but also value a more intimate atmosphere.

Perfect example of a Romantic wardrobe personality are Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Portman.

Some of the brands the Romantics will wear are: Dolce&Gabdana, Oscar de la Renra, Aritzia, Club Monaco


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