What To Wear For All Body Shapes?

What To Wear For All Body Shapes?

The one trend to fit them all…and not only all body shapes but all ages too. This is the dress over pants trend that started appearing on the runways last spring and it has been evident for few seasons now. This isn’t a major trend and I don’t think it is here to stay but I find wearing a dress or tunic over pants very elegant if it is executed properly and also very practical.

First of all, it is appropriate for all body types, you can conceal all kinds of body imperfections and stay elegant and hip at the same time.

Second, it is perfect for all seasons, especially the transitional ones when you have no idea what to wear and how to dress because it isn’t either cold or hot.

Third, you can achieve different fashion looks and wear it depending on your personality.  You can style it in a hobo/hippie way wearing a flower dress over jeans, or do a MOD version with a little slip dress and trousers. I, also, find the dress over pants trend perfect for the office – sleek cigar pants under a shift dress or a nice slip dress worn with a blazer and high heels.

There are so many ways to wear this trend and give your old pants and dresses new life. For example a leather legging with a silk shirt dress on top; or a long, sheer, summer dress on top of white skinny jeans; or silk cigar trousers with a sleeveless, chunky, knit dress on top. The combinations are endless….get some inspiration from the runway looks bellow and have fun creating your own combinations.

dress over pants 1

Images from fashionwirepress