What to wear to my graduation (Prom dress suggestions)


Graduating from high school is indeed a very exciting moment for everybody and it means a lot to both, parents and youth. The graduation party is the culmination where everything has to be perfect, especially the dress….And this is where the anxiety, the search, the wonder begins…
For me the graduation means a begging, a new and very thrilling moment of live where a girl is starting to become a woman and BEGINS THE SEARCH FOR HER INDIVIDUAL STYLE. Most girls want to “belong” and to look like the rest when they are in high school but at some point start to look more inwards and to explore their individuality more. Some girls have an individual style from a very early age, some experiment and try to find their style all their lives, other don’t care too much about their appearance, and some go though stages evolving and ever changing.
There are millions of factors when choosing your prom dress – your body type, your personal coloring, what your friends will be wearing, the current fashion trends, favourite designer, your budget, what you want to project etc…
This post, however, aims to help you start exploring your “wardrobe personality” and make the choice based on your individuality rather than going with the flow.

First, read about the five main wardrobe personality we recognize today and see which one best describes you.

The NATURAL girl will want to wear something comfortable, she doesn’t understand what is that fuss all about and doesn’t want to spend tons of money for a dress she will never wear again. Girls with this type of wardrobe personality typically put comfort and practicality on first place, they want to have fun, to dance and move freely without worrying too much about ruining an expensive dress. For her I will recommend getting a dress that can be worn for other occasions too, a dress that is stretchy and on the shorter side. To add some glam to a more simple dress just wear more accessories and a pair of killer pumps and you will be ready to go.  You can, also, go for prints or lace to make your outfit stands out without being overly dressed. To achieve the desired comfort go for straight cuts, tulip shapes, or loose fitted dresses.

natural prom

The CLASSIC girl will always go for the classic dress. She is confident and precise and likes timeless and often expensive or designer pieces. If you are a classic girl you will prefer a traditional prom dress but will choose a more understated style that is well made and elegant.

classic prom

The ROMANTIC girls is sensual and temperamental, she loves to look feminine and attractive and will usually choose softer lines, lace, flower prints, or princes like styles.

romantic prom

The DRAMATIC girl loves to be noticed, she is usually the centre of attention demanding it by choosing bold statements, extravagant styles, and dramatic accessories. This girl is intelligent and with strong personality, outspoken, and opinionated. She will go for the extravagant, original, and the eccentric when choosing her outfit.

dramatic prom

The CREATIVE girls’s #1 mission when dressing is to express her artistic personality trough her clothing. This girls is interested in colour, pattern, print, and textures and is not afraid to experiment with her outfits. Her style is strongly individualistic and she always stands out, purposely making herself to look a little “off”. 

creative prom