What To Wear For A Tall Body

What To Wear For A Tall Body

How to dress a tall body is very important for creating a balanced and elegant silhouette. 
Wear bold, big in scale prints and add texture to your outfits. Never wear small floral prints or checks because they will make you look even taller. Choose your jewellery and accessories according to your bone structure – if you are grand in scale wear chunkier jewellery and bold accessories. If you are tall but with fine bone structure make sure not to go over the top with very bold accessories. To create a balanced silhouette, avoid long dresses, vertical stripes and long scarves and necklaces.  Instead try to break your outfits in two using different colours for tops and bottoms. The tall woman can find it really difficult to shop at the conventional fashion stores because very often the sleeves and the legs of the garments are too short for her. Opt for the specialty stores that sell clothes for tall people only or the bigger fashion chains that have broader selections for petite and tall figures.

Tall Body

If you are not sure about your proportions do your body analysis here.

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