What To Wear Petite Body

What To Wear Petite Body

Choosing how to dress and what to wear for a petite body is crucial. The petite woman needs to be careful with her lengths, textures and patterns. Make sure the length of your pants is right for you (if you have to – hem them) and that the shoulders of the garments you wear fit properly. Shop at stores that sell petite clothes or you can even try the kids sections of some of the bigger retail chains since the fashion for kids nowadays is pretty mature. Keep in mind that if you have fuller hips you most likely will have problems finding pants that are the right length for you because usually the bigger the waist size the longer the leg. Wear skirts that are longer than wide and keep your hosiery and shoes the same ton with your skirts. Make sure your jackets (blazers) are kept short and in proportion with your smaller frame. Wear dresses as they create an illusion of a taller silhouette. Also wear smaller patterns and prints as well as jewellery and accessories. The bigger and bulkier patterns will make you look even smaller and may overwhelm you. Consider vertical stripes because they will elongate your silhouette. Everything you wear should be in proportion with your smaller frame. Wear smooth, soft fabrics and avoid bulk and texture.
If you are a petite with a grand bone structure, however, you should look for more texture, bolder prints and chunkier jewellery to balance your look. 


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If you are not sure about your proportions do your body analysis here.


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