How to Dress Your Inverted Triangle Body

Inverted Triangle Body Type

Inverted Triangle Body Type

Characteristics of the inverted triangle body


  • Your shoulders are wider than your hips and waist. 
  • Your bust is large and full.
  • Your hips and the derrière are smaller. 
  • Your waist is well defined. 
  • You may have flat bottom and slim legs.
  • Athletic silhouette
  • You may have short legs

The most important factor when choosing what to wear is your body type. Knowing what shape your body has and what styles and silhouettes to choose for that particular body shape will guarantee that you will always look great.

What to wear

Your goal is to create volume and width around your hip area making your lower body look proportionate to your upper body. Wear darker colours on top and lighter on the bottom this will create an optical illusion of a wider lower body. The same illusion can be achieved wearing pleated and flared skirts, as well as, bubble and tulip styles.  Wear wide legged or flared at the bottom pants. Make sure to define the waistline using belts or choosing fitted styles. On the other hand, to create a more balanced upper body proportions, wear V necks, fitted tops avoiding big shoulders and a lot of details, keep it tight, dark and simple.

What not to wear

  • Oversized collars and sleeves
  • Very small patterns on top
  • Skinny pants
  • Straight skirts

Here are some styles perfect for your body type:

If you are not sure what body type you are do your free body type analysis here.

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