What To Wear For Rectangle Body

Rectangle Body Type

Rectangle Body Type

Characteristics of the rectangle body

The most important factor when choosing what to wear is your body type, so knowing what shape your body has and what styles and silhouettes are best for it will guarantee that you will always look great. Any body type can look proportionate and balanced if you choose the right clothes for it.

If you have a rectangle body:

  • Your shoulders are as wide as your hips
  • Your waist is undefined and as wide or slightly smaller than the hips
  • You have small to medium bust
  • You may have long legs and flat bottom

Some perfect examples of celebrities with rectangle body types are: Nicole Kidman, Chloe Moretz and Gwyneth Paltrow

What to Wear For Rectangle Body 

If you like your body shape you can choose silhouettes that emphasize your natural forms. For example styles with straight lines, boxy strait dresses, garments with vertical seam lines, blazers that are not tailored etc.  Dressing in a way that the garment follows your natural shape will make you feel most comfortable and confident. 

Another approach is to emphasize your waist to create a more feminine and closer to hourglass look. This can be done by optically increasing the shoulders width and the hips, which will make the waist look more defined. Try wearing fitted blazers with shoulder pads, flared skirts, or skirts with pleats around the waist, wrap dresses for emphasizing the waistline or straight dresses with waist belts. You have to be careful if you are tall and with heavier bone structure as this approach can make you look too “heavy”.  

In general, you should emphasize your great legs and try to create a look that is balanced. Wear pants that are slightly flared at the bottom or straight but always fitted. 

What not to wear

  • very tight clothes
  • baggy styles

If you are not sure what body type you are do your free body type analysis here.

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